The end of winter and the beginning of spring can make your feel like throwing the windows open and breathing in the fresh air, right?

That feeling of renewal can extend to your home!

Raising the shades and opening the windows can shed some light on what’s outdated and just plain blah about your kitchen.

Spring is a great time to give your kitchen a makeover for more reasons than just the itch of spring fever.

Spring remodeling makes sense

Why is springtime the best time to give your kitchen an overhaul?

Here’s why:

  • Think about the kids. You’ll have to get creative about meals during the time your kitchen is being worked on. Remodeling while the kids are gone for a portion of the day makes one less meal you have to worry about a day, as well as the fact that they won’t be constantly underfoot. Even when they come home, chances are it’ll be warm enough for them to spend some time outside.
  • Get ready for summer entertaining. Summer is the time when you tend to have more people in and out of your home than at any other time of year. In addition, the kitchen is a natural gathering place for family and friends. Talk with your contractor about starting your remodel in early spring so that you’re ready for entertaining in the summer.
  • The availability of your contractor. Spring is considered to be a slower time of year for many contractors. This means that you can probably won’t have any trouble getting booked with your contractor. Some may offer discounts on certain services due to the slower season. You may also be avoiding some of the more popular items that you want being unavailable.
  • The probability of good weather. Spring weather can actually be a sweet spot for many contractors. It isn’t too warm yet and it usually isn’t too cold, either! The days are beginning to get longer, which means work that needs to be done outside won’t be an issue if your contractor works late. Having your kitchen be under construction necessitates alternatives for meals. While some families depend on the microwave or take-out, spring weather is usually perfect grilling weather.

Now that you’re convinced spring is the optimal time for your kitchen remodel, it’s time to think style!

Spring kitchen trends

What’s popular for kitchens this spring?

Take a look:

  • Shades of gray. While white has been the trend topping shade for kitchens, gray is making its presence known. Soft grays in the kitchen are growing in popularity.
  • Go hi-tech. Hydraulics in the kitchen? You bet! Some manufacturers are creating cabinet doors and drawers that work on hydraulics and fold out of the way by simply touching a button.
  • Traditional black and white. If a gray palette isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a glossy black paired with simple, crisp white. The contrast between these two extremes is eye-catching and timeless.
  • Use the sink for a pop of color. Stainless steel and white ceramic sinks are classic but a sink with some color can add a modern twist. Choose your favorite hue and go for it.
  • Go bold with lighting. Slightly oversized light fixtures can add a layer of depth to your new kitchen. The latest trends are all about making your own statement. Funky, unexpected lighting choices are a fun way to show off your style.
  • Mix it up with countertops. If a plain granite countertop doesn’t lend enough pizzazz to your new space, consider mixing it up a bit. Mix some different wood grains with some marble. Be creative. Talk to your contractor about what options are available for you!

Let the renewal of nature inspire you to bring some newness into your kitchen!