The 4th of July is synonymous with backyard barbecues.

It’s common to gather with family and friends to partake in some yummy food and make memories while you celebrate the holiday.

Here are some ideas to make your 4th of July bash super fun, as well as some tips to make your kitchen as convenient as possible to host.


Red, white, and blue are the colors of the day, of course, but what different ways can you display the colors of the good ol’ USofA?

Patriotic-themed plates, cups, and table coverings can all be easily found at your local party store or dollar store at this time of year.

For an added touch, wrap your plastic tableware in red, white, or blue bandanas tied with a simple piece of twine.

Centerpieces can be as simple as red and white carnations in mason jars or a little fancier – feel free to get creative!

Fabric banners add a nice touch for a shabby-chic feel.


Let’s be honest – a barbecue is all about the food!

Standard fare is hamburgers and hot dogs or tasty ribs and chicken.

To make sure you have enough, do your best to get a head count before you shop.

Whether it’s by formal RSVP or just word of mouth, you need to know how much food to buy.

Nothing kills a party faster than running out of food!

Festive bowls and serving platters won’t be hard to find and add an extra touch to your party.

Make patriotic fruit kabobs with blueberries, strawberries, and banana slices for a refreshing treat.

Don’t forget the watermelon! No 4th of July barbecue is complete without it!

Whoop it up!

Games aren’t necessarily a must-have, but they can add some fun and even friendly competition.

Corn hole is a classic, as well as badminton, volleyball, and croquet.

If there will be a lot of children, it’s best to offer some entertainment just for them.

Sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, kiddie pools, and bubbles to blow will keep little ones occupied.

What about the indoors?

So, what if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

You can have a tent or two set up to provide shade or a place to get out of a quick shower, but if a storm blows up, you’ll need to have arrangements for inside.

Another consideration is making your kitchen convenient for entertaining, whether it’s just used for party prep or rain forces your guests inside.

Here are some tips that can keep you sane when you entertain – inside or out:

  • The right cabinetry. When your kitchen is filled with people, digging through the cabinets to find what you need is a hassle and can be an embarrassment. Consult a contractor about a cabinet configuration that better meets your needs.
  • Semicircular island. There are a few good reasons to have an island that is this unique shape. It’s very conducive to conversation while you’re still working on preparing food. It’s also a great way to squeeze in some extra seating.
  • Warming drawers. These can be a lifesaver when you’re feeding a large group of people. They allow you to prepare food ahead of time and keep it warm while everything else is cooking.
  • Extra seating. Maximize space for seating in the kitchen. A dining table with bench seats provides ample space. An open floor plan is an added bonus because your guests can find seats in the living room and still be able to converse with those in the kitchen.

The secret to a successful party

Being prepared is the key to a successful party. A big event like the 4th of July requires a lot of work and a ton of planning.

Make sure you have enough food, drinks, and seating to accommodate all of your guests.

Provide entertainment for the kids and some for the adults, too, if you wish!

Have a Plan B in case of inclement weather and the party has to be moved indoors!

You’ll be much less stressed when you know all your ducks are in a row and each possibility is covered!