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Why a Frameless Shower is the Way to Go

So the time has finally come to update your bathroom. As you roll up your sleeves and begin the exciting (and a little nerve wracking) list of renovations and plans, priorities often shift and restructure.

But there are some things that shouldn’t be skimped on, like the integrity of your shower. It is perhaps the most heavily used piece in the entire room.

Here’s why you should strongly consider going with a frameless shower enclosure.

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Design Possibilities

Nothing opens up what is typically a small and imposing room like transparent glass.

Instead of a door walling off a significant portion of your bathroom, it allows the eye to be drawn elsewhere and follows more of an open concept.

The fact that frameless shower doors can be designed to fit any space with a variety of looks (square, circular, triangular, oval, etc) and further personalized with patterned, textured, or etched glass, makes them ideal for your own unique bathroom.

Lasting Durability

Besides having an elegant and updated look, one of the leading qualities is toughness.

Constructed entirely of glass, these doors don’t require frames to support their weight or to slide on (typically they operate by swinging up and shut on hinges).

Besides being filed down to a smooth surface, standard shower glasses can range in thickness of 3/8 to 1/2-inch (tempered glass which is very difficult to shatter or break) making them structurally sound, sturdy, and safe.

Since there is little to no metal used in the construction of such enclosures, you no longer need to worry about replacement of corroded parts. Instead, watertight seals prevent any leakage.

Low Maintenance

A frameless shower requires minimal maintenance and care.

Unlike your old bath, keeping a frameless shower door clean is as simple as wiping it with a squeegee after using it.

Because there is no metal frame, the amount of soap scum and limescale that collects on the enclosure is low.

Also, the enclosure is less likely to develop corrosion that could affect the functionality, aesthetic, or cleaning of the glass doors.

The structural integrity is such that your new shower can last a lifetime and offers the ability to adapt with life changes. For example, the entry can be leveled with the floor for easier access.

If selling your home is in your future, residential buyers are normally drawn its luxurious and updated look, and many specifically look for frameless glass enclosures.

If you’d like to upgrade your bath with a timeless style that is built to last, contact VKB Kitchen and Bath for more information, a quote, or any helpful answers to your questions.