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How to Achieve a Classic Bathroom Style

Trends in remodeling and decorating come and go. If you take a moment to remember metal awnings, denim furniture, and popcorn ceilings, you will probably realize that it is important to follow trends with caution. This is especially true when you are remodeling your bathroom. A bathroom remodel is not a small job, and it is important that you love your bathroom now and in the future. Here are five great tips for classic bathroom design that ages gracefully:

1) Create Style in Your Bathroom Through Décor

Installing trendy fixtures often means that you are stuck with them for the foreseeable future. This is why it is so important to create a classic look in your bathroom that you can accentuate with décor that is not nailed to the wall or attached to plumbing. By installing functional pieces that are also stylish, you can then indulge in the latest decorating trends through smaller, removable pieces. Doing this will allow you to keep your bathroom feeling updated and fresh and allows you to keep up with some trends. Changing up the style in your bathroom can be fun. With some inexpensive additions or changes, you can update the room and make it feel fresh as often as you want.

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2) Black and White Never Go Out of Style

Fashion mavens around the world will proclaim their love for black from the rooftops. Black is a classic look that not only goes with almost everything but ages gracefully as well. Both black and white can be bold choices in both appliances and décor. They also leave you free to change up your bathroom as needed. Black and white colors also free you up to go wherever you want when you decorate. If the children decide they must have a Frozen bathroom, they can be accommodated when there are neutral tones. If it is time to change the style again, you will have infinitely more options when you choose to go with a black and white color scheme.

3) Timeless Surfaces

We can all admit that copper is having a moment. You can now buy copper pots and pans, jewelry, fixtures and even copper furniture. Similarly, stainless steel has moved from commercial kitchens and into residential homes. However, these styles are trends. Steel is easily scratched, and copper changes color over time. When you are installing expensive surfaces in your home, you want to make sure that they will be the right ones, not just the right one right now. While many of these trends provide quality, there are certain styles that you cannot go wrong with. For example, granite has been in regular use since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Since then, the kings and queens of Europe have been installing it in their country homes and palatial residences. Granite is a classic example of a surface that truly does not go out of style. By installing granite, you can bring a little bit of grandeur and value into your bathroom that will not leave the room feeling dated in a few years.

4) Avoid Making the Bathroom Permanently Kid-Friendly

It may seem like a good idea to build in special adaptations for children but unfortunately, children do grow up. As they grow from childhood into adolescence, the child size vanity will lose its purpose and may even become an eyesore for kids straddling the line between childhood and adulthood. There are many different semi-permanent adaptations. For example, you could invest in a step stool for the vanity or a toilet seat adapter for a normal size toilet. This way, the bathroom is functional for the whole family.

5) Use Your Space Practically

Unless you are building an addition, your home remodel will be required to fit within the space you already have. It is important to ensure that you choose the style of your new bathroom practically. For example, even if you want a double sink vanity, if you have to sacrifice a significant amount of space to achieve this goal, it may not be worth it. Ultimately, the bathroom is a practical room. It can also be transformed into an oasis, but it loses both of these qualities if you have to perform a series of contortionist maneuvers to make it past the sink and into the shower.

Keeping your style classic has many benefits. The versatility of a classic bathroom makes it easier to decorate and even redecorate if you wish. If you do it correctly, a bathroom remodel can add significant value into your home. When you create a classic style with your remodel, and then update it with décor, you can finally have a modern, tasteful bathroom that will serve as your own personal oasis.