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Upgrading Your Bathroom? What’s Worth Your Time and Money

The reason that you’ve decided to upgrade can make a difference in which changes are worth the effort and which aren’t.

One purpose for upgrading is because your style has changed and you want an updated look or you’d like your bathroom to be more functional.

Many people choose to spruce up some areas of their home because they are preparing to put it on the market.

We’ll take a look at some of the most common upgrades people make to their bathrooms and discuss if they’re worth the investment, for yourself or for a possible sale.

Add a sink or counter space

Multiple sinks pull double-duty, no pun intended.

They appeal to potential home-buyers and they massively up the functionality of the bathroom.

The flip-side of this type of change is to forego the second sink and add more counter space.

Some would find the extra place to put necessities more of a need than an additional sink.

Shower seating

While shower seats were traditionally only seen in the homes of the elderly or handicapped, they have turned into a luxury addition for any home.

Glass showers

For a contemporary upgrade, go with glass.

Not only do they add a modern look, they also serve to give the impression of openness, making a small space seem larger.


New light fixtures may seem like a small change but have a big impact.

The best way to light your bathroom is by layering. An overhead light is good for general purposes, but you’ll want lights above your vanity mirror for putting on makeup or another close-up task.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, you may want to give the shower or tub area and the toilet area their own lights, as well.

More storage

You don’t often hear people complain about having too much storage in their bathroom.

After all, it’s home to a lot of items!

Whatever construction you need to have done in order to expand your storage space will be worth it, whether you’re selling your home or just seeking to make it more user-friendly.


Color makes a big splash without a big price tag.

It’s the perfect way to quickly create a fresh feel.

This is one of those tricky times when your reason for updating the bathroom counts.

If you’re painting because you want to enjoy a new look, feel free to play with colors and be as bold as you want to be.

Color creativity isn’t the best idea, however, if you’re painting with selling in mind.

Neutral colors will allow a potential buyer to envision themselves in the space, with their own style on display.

Hide the commode

Building a half wall to add privacy to the toilet area is rarely a bad idea.

If the look you’re going for in your upgraded bathroom is one of luxury, hiding the toilet makes sense.

Talk to your contractor about the possibility. He may have an idea you haven’t considered.

If you find that building a wall isn’t going to be an option for you, a decorative screen can create a nice partition.

Super-size the shower  

If the tub isn’t used very often, removing it and expanding the shower may be a good option for you.

The extra space can allow for a larger, more extravagant shower head and more room to move around.

One important thing to note is that you shouldn’t remove your tub if it’s the only one in the house.

If you only have the budget for one or two items on this list, pick the ones that seem the most important to you and best suits your needs, whether it’s  for your enjoyment or for a possible sale.