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Modern or Traditional: Which Is Your Kitchen Design-Style

A lot happens in the kitchen.

Cooking, baking, visiting, and making memories.

Your kitchen’s style should be an accurate representation of your lifestyle and your taste.

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When it’s time for a kitchen remodel, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make.

Before you get to the point where you’re choosing colors and accessories for your new space, you have to decide if you want a modern look or a traditional one.

Let’s take a look at the differences between these two kitchen styles.

A Modern Kitchen

The hallmark of a modern kitchen is minimalism.

It’s a no-frills-allowed zone.

Think sophisticated and streamlined. Cabinets will be simple with sleek hardware.

You’ll see a lot of straight lines and shiny, reflective surfaces. The latest in kitchen technology will fit right in with a modern kitchen vibe.

With this style kitchen, it’s easy to draw attention to one feature with a bold backsplash.

A modern kitchen design allows the beauty of your kitchen’s materials – like flooring and countertops – shine.

Consistency is key

As you’ll soon see, it’s a little easier to be creative when you’re designing a traditional kitchen.

To maintain the look of a modern kitchen, you have to make sure all the accent pieces fit.

For example, an elaborate light fixture will look out of place in a space that’s full of clean lines and sleek hardware.

A traditional kitchen design

If you’d like to have the best of both worlds, a traditional kitchen may be just what the interior designer ordered.

It’s basically fail-proof because a traditional kitchen is timeless.

Consider all the options you have just with cabinets.

  • Colors. You can stain the cabinets as dark or light as you’d like. Or you can paint them nearly any color – even white.
  • Design. Want a more open feel? Glass-front doors go great in a traditional kitchen, as does open-shelving.

The beauty of classic elements

Traditional doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

The timeless quality of a traditional kitchen also makes it a selling-point for potential buyers when the time comes to put your home on the market.

A buyer would have to do very little to keep the space up-to-date.

Freedom to get fussy

There’s only so much playing you can do with a modern kitchen design.

You get a lot more whimsical with a traditional style.

Feel free to incorporate arches, decorative molding, and other fancy details.

You can even mix in touches of other styles, like industrial and even modern.

Consult the experts…

When you’re ready to remodel your existing space or you’re building a new home, choose the style that suits you, your family, and your design personality.

But this is no time to go it alone.

Work with a trusted kitchen and bath remodeling team that has the expertise to get the job done with no shortage of quality.

Most will have a designer available who knows how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of what you really want.

But go with your gut

At the end of the day, you and your family are the ones who will be spending the most time in the kitchen.

It should be an enjoyable place that you’ll love to cook, clean, and entertain in for many years to come.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts VKB Kitchen and Bath.