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Essential Elements of Modern Bathrooms

Bathrooms with modern design are popular and most bathroom styles can be given a modern look with the right elements. Modern style combines geometric patterns with angular and flowing designs. Materials used are often natural or synthetic. The modern style is particularly useful for making small spaces seem larger because they are minimalistic and often relatively unadorned. Form and function can be found in this relatively new style of bathroom. Each element is explained in more detail below.

Overall Look 

The look of the modern bathroom is simple and clean. Fixtures, furnishings, cabinets, and countertops should be angular and flowing. Modern furniture often has a pleasing mixture of curves and angles, but the extent to which it is curvier or angular depends on the overall style you want your bathroom to have. High-rimmed bathtubs with large curves can be an attractive centerpiece of the bathroom, as can a matching vessel sink. The overall look of the bathroom is also greatly up to the type of materials used.

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Common materials used in modern bathrooms are often natural or synthetic and high-quality. Wood, stone, slate, glass, and ceramic are popular choices in today’s bathroom. The great thing about modern design is that you can often mix and match materials to get just the right look. Stone is a popular choice for countertops and bathtubs, especially vessel-types. It can be either polished or unpolished for the right look and texture. While old-world, classic bathrooms may feature granite countertops, the modern bathroom looks to be simpler and, if granite is chosen, it might be a simple, straight cut of white or black granite. Slate is another type of stone that has been rising in popularity recently. It has a matte look instead of the polished look that granite has, so it can give a great natural look to any bathroom while adding a dark color component. Glass for vessel sinks and shower walls breaks up a room without looking like it takes up any space. That is, the dry area of the bathroom can feel separate from the wet area simply by putting in a piece of glass between the two. Ceramic is another popular material that is used for tiles.


Modern bathroom colors are very simply and yet complex! Contrasting base colors like whites and blacks or greys may be used. Otherwise, soothing colors are used and sometimes added interest may be included by using distinctive patterns. It depends on what types of colors you consider soothing: it may be pastel blue or eggshell white. Whatever the wall colors are, the rest of what is in the bathroom should match or be in stark contrast for a good modern look. A black stone bathtub would be too much in a grey-walled bathroom, but make the walls a lighter color and the stone bathtub is, rightfully, a focal point.


One of the reasons modern bathrooms are popular to those with small spaces or who do not like clutter is because they are very minimalistic. As such, the bathroom space seems bigger than it really is because the smooth lines and unadorned space essentially creates space where there is none. Pedestal sinks do not require the use of a bulky vanity that is a huge space-waster. You may think of pedestal sinks as boring and old-school, they come in many modern designs with beautiful flowing curves and sharp angles. While the absence of a vanity reduces storage space, there are innovative ways to create space in the modern bathroom by adding shelves built into the walls. Vessel sinks create some open-ness due to the shape of the vessel against the shape of the counter it sits upon and the benefit is some storage space inside the vanity.

Personality and Feel 

As mentioned previously, a lot of personality can go into the modern bathroom even though it might look emotionless. Natural wood and stone can make any bathroom feel relaxing to be in. Wood, especially light-colored woods, add warmth to spaces and feel “soft”. Stone on the other hand may look imposing at first, but it shows strength and power while being functional and durable. Stainless steel can feel sterile, but that can be broken up by adding in natural elements like wood. For splashed of personality, bright colors can break up generally toned-down colors normally found. For instance, vessel sinks can come in bright colors and there are jewel-toned granite countertops which would be a great contrast to white porcelain sinks while not making the room feel too cluttered.

Clearly there are many things to think about with modern bathroom designs, but only in terms of what you want to go together and what will fit your lifestyle. In the end though, keep with those clean flowing and angular lines and simple looks to get that modern design.

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