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The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

The bathroom is still a place for function and utility, but gone are the days where the room’s design is an afterthought. Today, convenience and luxury must go hand in hand with functionality. All in all, bathroom design is continually advancing, and these latest trends should guide your bathroom remodel.

  • The Basics.

In the bathroom, the trends are moving more towards a natural effect. As such, lots of natural light is vital, as is using natural stone – like granite or marble – and wood.

  • A Double Sink.

Don’t limit the bathroom’s functionality by choosing a single-sink vanity. Homebuyers want a bathroom with a double sink to make it more convenient to use. If your bathroom has the space for it, choose a vanity with two sinks and sufficient counter space, too.

  • A Walk-In Shower.

With many of us opting to shower on a regular basis, as opposed to bathing, the walk-in shower is becoming a hot commodity. People want ease of use, so think about an edgeless model that allows you to easily walk into and out of the shower, without having to step over a large boundary. The shower stall itself should feature glass walls to make the room look large and prevent it from obstructing the openness of the room. For glass showers, you can really go to town with the tiles, making a statement in the shower that’s visible from every aspect of the bathroom.

  • A Large Tub.

Just because you prefer showers doesn’t mean you should forego the tub. Choose a large soaker tub to get the most out of your investment. When you’re ready to unwind and relax after a long day, you’ll be glad you have the option of destressing in a hot, bubble bath.

  • Storage.

Throughout the bathroom, you’ll need thoughtful storage to keep things like extra towels and beauty products. Open shelving, drawers and cabinetry or a closet for storage allow for enough areas to hide unsightly products while prominently featuring others.

  • Greenery.

Bringing the outdoors in is another trend sweeping bathroom design. Go big with a living wall of plants, or pepper the bathroom with smaller pots of greenery that enhance oxygen in the room and bring a vibrant color to the space, too.

  • Control.

Don’t fall into standard choices in the showerhead. Instead, opt for technology that gives you control over water flow and temperature. If your shower has two showerheads, technology that controls them is critical, as you’ll be able to set your own setting on one showerhead, while choosing differing settings for the other.

  • The Vanity.

Unique, custom vanities are preferred over standard, mass-produced options. The custom vanity gives the space a unique touch that can’t be reproduced across your town. Repurposing items is even better. Scour flea markets for suitable items, like a shaving cupboard, and then transform the piece into a vanity.

  • Sustainability.

Recycling, reclaiming and upcycling are all the rage in bathroom design trends. Don’t just limit your options to the vanity, however. Good, sustainable bathroom design can feature repurposed picture frames, mirrors, flooring and more.

Bathrooms are fast becoming a featured room in the home. Instead of a room relegated to secret goings-ons, it’s a room in which you can express your personal style, using freestanding vanities and soaker tubs, unique cabinet fixtures and repurposed gems you find at your neighbor’s garage sale. So go to town with these trending bathroom designs now that you’re tackling the bathroom remodeling project you’ve always wanted to do.