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Wainscoting in Bathroom: Where Classic Meets Modern

Bathrooms aren’t just about the three-minute shower rush or the occasional soak anymore. It’s about capturing a vibe, a mood – a space where you begin and end your day. Now, if you’ve been keeping an eye on interior magazines or perhaps did a little Pinterest scrolling, you might’ve noticed an old friend making a huge comeback: wainscoting in bathroom. Much like how shiplap became the darling of many bathrooms, wainscoting has too – but with its own twist.

wainscot in bathroom

So, Why the Buzz About Wainscoting in Bathrooms?

  • All Styles Welcome: Remember thinking wainscoting in the bathroom was strictly a country farmhouse thing? Think again. Whether your jam is sleek modern city vibes or a colorful boho sanctuary, there’s a wainscot style just itching to be a part of it.
  • Big or Small, It Fits All: Seriously, size isn’t an issue. With the right touch, even the coziest of bathrooms can rock a wainscoting look without feeling cluttered.
  • Revamp Ready: Tapping into wainscoting for your next bathroom remodeling spree? It’s not just a decor piece. It’s an investment in style and value.

Modern bathroom interior with modern countertop basin, toilet and mirror

Okay, I’m Sold. But How Do I Choose?

  • Materials Matter: Gone are the days of just wood. Today’s wainscoting is all about being bathroom-friendly, aka moisture-resistant.
  • Get the Height Right: Depending on your space and vibe, you might want your wainscoting tall and dominant or short and subtle. Most folks go for one-third to half the wall.
  • Color Play: Consider semi-gloss or high-gloss paints. Not just because they look fab, but they’re also friends with moisture, making them last longer.

A highend bathroom featuring a freestanding bathtub, an elegant floor made of mosaic tiles, and white doors adorned with black handles. bathroom wainscoting

Need Some Inspo for Your Bathroom Remodeling?

  • Clean and Classic: Think white wainscoting. Throw in some pastel walls, and voila, your bathroom’s suddenly got this open, breezy vibe.
  • Dare to be Different: How about wainscoting in bold colors? Matched with lively bathroom decor, it’s boho bliss.
  • Old School Cool: For those yearning for a touch of the past, wood wainscoting paired with vintage pieces is just pure nostalgia.


Your Quick Wainscoting in Bathroom FAQ

Good idea to put wainscoting in bathrooms?

You bet! It’s like giving your walls a stylish raincoat.

Is it a common choice for bathrooms?

Oh, absolutely! It’s both a beauty and a shield for walls.

Why wainscoting in the first place?

Started as wall protection from wear and tear. Now? It’s also about making a statement.

Wainscoting and moisture. Friends or foes?

Modern wainscoting? Total BFFs with moisture. Especially those designed for bathrooms.

Any tips on installing it?

It’s a bit of measure, cut, fix, and finish. If DIY isn’t your thing, professionals or detailed guides are always there to help.

Modern bathroom interior with bathtub, copy space on wall and city view. wainscoting in the bathroom

Wrapping It Up

Wainscoting in bathrooms isn’t just a design choice; it’s a mood, an experience. It is more than just a fleeting trend. It’s a blend of tradition and modernity, offering both functionality and finesse. Whether you’re thinking of shaking things up with a bathroom remodel or starting fresh, wainscoting has got your back.