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9 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Try if You Are on a Budget

People like to congregate in the kitchen, even if it is tiny.

A small kitchen has a distinct presence. It’s compact and inviting. It brings families together and becomes a place for shared conversations. It’s also where a lot of our memories are made. Food has such a nostalgic power on people that we can’t help but remember our mothers or grandparents working in the kitchen when we think about our childhood. In fact, most people’s childhood memories have some connection with homemade food.

Now, since it’s a special place — it requires that kind of treatment too. The problem is that it’s not easy to work or organize a tiny kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. With some clever remodeling ideas, your small kitchen can have an efficient workflow and become more aesthetically pleasing as well.


What Should You Consider for a Small Kitchen Remodel?

Look around your kitchen carefully. Is the paint peeling off? Do you get a feeling that the hinges on your cabinet doors are at their last stage? Or perhaps your kitchen looks quite dated. In this case, it doesn’t need any r0cket science to state the obvious. Your kitchen is in a need of a serious remodel. But the important thing to remember is WHY you decided to remodel in the first place.

This is because a kitchen remodel is expensive, and your budget may be limited. You need to prioritize what you need versus what you want.

I would say that since you have a limited kitchen space, you stand to benefit the most. You can exhaust all your creative energy into doing up limited space. What I mean is that you can go the extra mile with limited resources. And the best part is that small kitchen remodels are excellent home improvement investments as you can recoup a high ROI.

Having said that, we realize that this is an important decision to make. Hence, we’ve gathered the best design ideas to add life to your tiny space. It doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating or planning to touch-up your existing space. You may want to try these super affordable tricks, and improve the functionality and aesthetic of your small kitchen.


1. Add Dimension with Lights

Dazzling spaces set up the right atmosphere and improve your cooking experience too.

You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen. Forget about the boring pendant lights. Instead, stripe the shades with fabric paint or part of the pendant with metallic paints for sparkling impact. Or try fancy fixtures over the island and prep-station. Do not forget to get some under-cabinet lights. Whatever you opt for, remember you need plenty of good lighting while cooking.

If recycling your pendants doesn’t come easy to you, consider making them yourself with light kits from the flea market. Either way, you end up sprucing your space at no cost.


2. Bring in a Floating Table

Does your L-shaped kitchen face a blank wall? If so, it’s a good time to make use of it by installing a floating shelf or table for extra dining space.

If you’re saddled with narrow space in your kitchen, think of a table that can fold down and go back up the wall when not in use.


3. Add a Creative Backsplash

Is there anything more affordable than a charming backsplash to lift your kitchen design? No!

Give a vent to your expression with tile, wallpaper, paint, or even framed photos or prints. If the wallpaper is your style, remember to accent the tile above the range or behind the sink to protect the areas from oil and water splatters.


4. Update Your Kitchen Countertops

Do you spend the day cleaning your counters? If so, it’s as clear as daylight that your counters need freshening up.

If you’re looking for a high-end look of marble, granite, or even soapstone, try cheating by going with low-cost laminate! It’s super easy to maintain and is available in an array of colors, textures, and patterns.

While we’re on budget-friendly alternatives, you can try butcher block for your counters. It is indispensable on a hardworking island and even does away with the need for an additional cutting board.


5. Multi-Functional Peninsula

Do you know how you can make your kitchen sizzle with functionality? By making the most of your countertops.

Save on precious space and dollars by investing in a multi-functional peninsula. It gives you a place to cook, wash, and dine all in one. Besides, the fixture preserves the open room concept.


6. Think of Flexible Storage

Creative thinking is the keyword when it comes to creating storage in small spaces. Consider investing in wire panel shelving to maximize storage. Use it to your best advantage by adding in or taking away shelves, hanging the glasses upside down, and even imbibing a wine rack!

Remember when you’ve got limited space, you need to make sure that every inch counts.


7. Add Visual Energy with Bold Flooring

A small kitchen gets instant visual energy with bold tiling. A heavy pattern on the kitchen floor grabs attention and makes the room feel bigger.

Complement the flooring with sleek appliances and copper planters to boom your kitchen’s decor.

Switch Your Kitchen Table with an island.

I can almost smell your skepticism through the screen. But as absurd as it sounds, the kitchen island can totally work in a small kitchen.

However, a long thin kitchen gains functional space for both storage and socializing by imbibing an island. Find the idea appealing? Invest in an island with plenty of storage space underneath for veggies and linens. Make sure to opt for one with a slight overhang from the top. This will make space for bar stools to fit easily under the island.


8. Match the Paint on the Cupboards to the Kitchen Walls

Think of an all-white kitchen or an all-grey kitchen.

A kitchen with the same tone all over is your ultimate elegant landscape. The arrangement creates light and airy space where the different units blend into the walls. Even if your kitchen overflows with storage, a uniform coat of paint leaves the space looking uncluttered and spacious. It’s an extremely affordable way to make a huge change in the kitchen too.


9. Utilize the Corners

The corners of the kitchen tend to be the most unused areas of the space. On the other hand, a small kitchen asks to utilize every inch of the spare space.

Therefore, rather than stuffing your pots and pans into a deep cupboard, think of incorporating corner units for storage. Use either pull-out drawers for easy retrieval or swirling trays for your corner unit. It makes finding your favorite pan easy-peasy.


Final Word

Small doesn’t have to be boring. You can create a jaw-dropping kitchen in your small space with the right balance of functionality and materials. It can be about placing an antique mirror over the stove or opting for a design scheme that enhances space. Ultimately, it’s the final product that counts.

Sure, your inclinations play a key role here and stand to give the final shape to your space. But remember that with a little creativity, you can pack a punch in your most petite space without breaking the bank for it.