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Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

Most of us would love to have a huge kitchen where you can have every appliance you will ever need and tons of room to cook. For most of us, this is not a reality, but just because we have a small kitchen does not mean we cannot have a fabulous functioning kitchen. To make the most of your small space you can make upgrades to give you a beautiful and efficient kitchen remodeling. Here are a few tips on how to design your small kitchen.

An Obvious Design – You can be very creative and place cute personal items all around your kitchen to make it your own. However, when you decorate your kitchen keep it all one cohesive style so it flows and opens it up. So before you start do you know what style you would like rustic, modern, contemporary or classic? Nailing down a design style will make it easier to choose items and keep you from being stumped as to what to do next.

Shelving – Cabinets are important for any kitchen, but if you are running low on cabinets, a great way to make more storage area is by putting up shelving on an open wall. Shelving is a must-have in any kitchen and shelves are cheaper than a whole cabinet.

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Cabinets – If cabinets are within your budget, a smart way to make your kitchen feel bigger is if they go all the way to the ceiling. You have more room with taller cabinets and it gives your kitchen a depth that normal cabinets cannot accomplish on their own.

Hanging Wire Baskets – Make more room by hanging wire baskets from the ceiling. You can put your fruits and vegetables in these baskets and since you can see through them, you are less likely to forget about the bananas and onions. Another basket idea is a basket that hangs on the inside of a door. If you have a pantry, you can hang the basket on the door and place all your cleaning supplies and dangerous chemicals, and since they hang high, you will not have to worry about the kids getting ahold of them.

Ceiling Mounted Cook Racks – Pots and pans take up a lot of storage in the kitchen, as they are large and awkward. You can solve this problem by installing a ceiling mounted cook rack to keep the pots within hands reach but out of your precious cupboard space. Not sure where your favorite saucepan is, just look up.

Rolling Butcher Block – Having a rolling butcher block that can stand in for an island on the days where you need more cooking surface is an ideal way to maximize your space. Having the ability to roll the cart out to use it, and tuck it up against a wall when not in use is a great feature you should utilize.

Granite Countertops – Adding granite countertops can be not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but if you pick a lighter color of granite, it can make your kitchen feel bigger. With smaller kitchens, you should stick with one color of granite and find a light natural color that compliments your shelving and cupboards.

Paint – If you are on a small budget, consider painting your kitchen in strategic ways to maximize the space. Paint your backsplash or an accent wall to bring color into your kitchen. Do not go to dark with color if you are painting more than just one wall because you do not want it to do the opposite effect and close it in.

Lighting – You do not want any dark areas in your kitchen, brightening it up will make it look larger and more inviting. A great look is under cabinet lighting, which can help you see what you are preparing, better and light up any dark spots created by the shadow of the cabinetry.

Mirrors – Mirrors can make a small space look bigger. Placing a large mirror on a wall that is not being used can make your kitchen look two times bigger. The trick with mirrors is that you do not want to pick a big bulky frame. That will negate the mirror effect and make your kitchen look clunky and small.

Hardware – When buying the hardware for your upgraded kitchen, this is where you can splurge a little. Having beautiful matching hardware in your kitchen just polishes off the kitchen. Having a beautiful faucet may even get your guests to want to help clean the dishes!

The most important thing about upgrading your small kitchen is to make it your own. You want your kitchen to be easy to cook in, be welcoming to guests and to function well when you are trying to put together a great meal. Your kitchen might be small, but that does not mean it cannot be fabulous.