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What Not to Do In a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is a big job requiring a lot of thought before and during the entire process. Doing it right can be difficult, especially without the right information and costs required. Planning ahead of time can save both time and money, reducing headaches for last-minute changes and unforeseen difficulties. Without proper planning, the remodeling process will likely be a nightmare! All the options, styles, finishes, and components can lead to mess ups or a bathroom that does not meet yours or your guests’ expectations, so here are some things not to do during your remodeling adventure.


We all love instant gratification and want that remodeled bathroom done immediately, but one of the biggest mistakes is to rush the process. Rushing leads to mistakes that can cause cost overruns and a lot of extra time. Doing things wrong the first time and having to have them redone is costly! The planning stage itself should last several weeks to a few months. During this time, keep track of ideas, photographs of designs and styles you like, and where you are looking to put things. Keep in mind that it can be a huge time and money saver to use current locations of the shower, sink, and toilet since relocating plumbing is a hassle.

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Underestimating your budget can lead to skimping on materials and cutting corners or worse, not being able to finish the bathroom at all. Planning again comes in handy when compromising between what you want, need, and can afford before the remodel begins. While the average cost to remodel a bathroom is around $16,000, older homes may need a larger budget if piping needs to be replaced or water damage and/or mold is encountered.

Make sure to research all materials and check them out in a store first. While your heart may be set on a stainless steel countertop, trying one out in the store first may make you realize a granite countertop is a better choice for the style and use the bathroom will receive. This type of change can be costly both due to the material and the cost of hiring a professional to have it installed and sealed.

Trade Looks for Functionality

Sure, a beautiful bathroom may impress your guests, but a fancy showerhead will lose its luster without sufficient water pressure. Similarly, a vanity with a vessel sink may look fantastic, but if the vanity is set to a height that does not take into consideration the height of the sink, you and/or your guests will be unable to reach the sink comfortably. A minimal look is common with contemporary and modern style bathrooms, but minimal may mean open spaces as opposed to closed cabinetry. Without storage inside the bathroom, towels and toiletries will have to be stored in another location, which is not very functional for anyone.

It is easy to get caught up in what your bathroom will look like and equally as easy to forget about clearance distances. Planning does a lot to reduce errors regarding clearance distances, but do not forget to leave space for doors to open completely or lack of space between the toilet and shower.

Be Cheap

Under-budgeting and being cheap might sound the same, but are actually quite different. Under-budgeting is not taking into account the cost of items and materials or not factoring in unexpected expenses while being cheap is attempting to save money by buying lower quality fixtures or doing things yourself.

While some areas can be skimped, others should not be. When planning out your costs, remember that cheaper things often have reduced quality and will not be as durable, long-lasting, good-looking, or efficient as higher quality, more expensive counterparts. For example, choosing cheaper countertops made from easily chipped, cracked, or dented material will not last long around children.

Another way to cut corners and save money is by doing things yourself when a professional is needed or by choosing the cheapest professional. While doing things yourself is certainly a way to reduce costs short-term, doing things incorrectly and making mistakes will likely be a source of frustration along the road. Similarly, choosing the cheapest professional is not always the best practice, as they might be great for general carpentry projects but not know the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling challenges.

Be Overly Trendy

Everyone wants to have the coolest bathroom, but fads run out eventually. Your best bet in designing a bathroom is to make something you enjoy and that will last through the ages. After all, you do not want to be selling your house 20 years down the road with an out-of-date style that potential buyers turn away from! Instead, timeless styles with a unique touch can be enjoyed over and over again no matter the age, reducing yours or a new owner’s desire for another remodel.