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Kitchen Cabinet Doors-Revamp or Replace?

Interior decoration is undoubtedly an exercise in paying attention to the details. Anyone who has ever taken on a home decoration or renovation project knows firsthand that it can also be an exercise in creativity. Sometimes, those detail-features that make up a room in your home can make or break an entire theme. While you might not be on a budget to simply go out and replace each and every item in your home, there are a certain number of home features that can be easily given new life with the right tools and state of mind.

Kitchen cabinet doors are detail features that often get overlooked, but make a big impact on how your kitchen falls together in a décor scheme. You could have the most modern appliances and chic set up, but if your kitchen is still hanging on to those scratched, oak cabinet doors, it’s time to ask yourself if you need to revamp or replace. Fortunately, giving older feature pieces new life with a vintage touch in a modern setting can create a unique interior edge. Similarly, it can be a great way to incorporate a personalized touch into new décor. The even better news is that it might even save you some money in the end.

Revamp when it’s nothing but a color issue

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If your standard kitchen cabinet doors are looking like they’ve seen better days, all they might need is a fresh coat of paint to give them a revitalized look. If your kitchen has granite countertops, try picking one of the earthy undertones that the surface highlights and use that as an accent color when repainting kitchen cabinet doors. This is an excellent and easy way to ties beautiful home features together visually.

Similarly, adding granite tiles to your backsplash directly underneath freshly painted cabinets is a great and easy way to draw attention to the new color scheme. A granite tile backsplash not only compliments your granite countertops, but protects your walls and will open up color options for repainting those cabinet doors in the future!

Revamp if you’re not up to re-hinging

While none of us would want to admit it-sometimes the whole issue of replacement when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors just seems like a little too much. Even if it’s just a question of new hinges, the tools and time involved can be a deterrent when it comes to the idea of replacement. Luckily, there is a solution for every revamp. In situations like this, go ahead and feel free to remove kitchen cabinet doors entirely!

It might seem strange at first, but removing doors allows you to display items, plates and utensils you otherwise wouldn’t see at all. It creates a sort of double space allowing for extra storage and visual appeal factor for items that have been hidden away for far too long. Removing doors also gives you the opportunity to paint the inside of the cabinets which creates a sort of visual frame in your kitchen. This is also another opportunity to highlight accent colors that stand out in your granite countertops. Using a soft line of dark green or even gold along the edges of your cabinets can pull guests’ eyes up to cabinets and immediately back to the granite countertops you use and love daily!

Knowing it might require a knob upgrade

Realizing you need to revamp your kitchen cabinet doors might not require much more than a knob upgrade. Out of date knobs can give cabinets a look that’s older than necessary Try giving your cabinet doors new life by simply adding a set of colorful ceramic knobs or handles. A little color and unique style can go a long way towards upgrading your cabinet doors and avoiding a total overhaul in your kitchen.

Replacement may not be out of the question

While simply revamping kitchen cabinet doors can save time, money and give you an excuse to get creative, it’s important to recognize when a full replacement is necessary. If your kitchen cabinet doors are distressed to the point of being weak, or threatening to fall off hinges, it’s definitely time to invest in a new set of cabinets. It’s not worth saving money if you find yourself in a situation where kitchen cabinet doors are no longer stable.

Additionally, a kitchen cabinet door replacement may be a necessity if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future. Upgraded cabinets, countertops and other essential features can be a big selling point when it comes to attracting potential buyers. Not only will it make your kitchen more visually appealing, but it will an addition that realtors can market for longevity—something that potential buyers are going to be looking for when they come in to admire your newly renovated kitchen.