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U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Your kitchen should be built for efficiency, but above all else, designed to fit your needs. Your kitchen has a variety of responsibilities to carry out and maybe even a reputation to live up to depending on how you use it. If you’re someone who loves to cook, you’ll want a kitchen designed to support multiple dishes and tasks at once. If you’re someone who feeds many little mouths on a daily basis, you’ll probably be looking for a space with a focus on durability and ease of function. Those who love to host social events need a space that suits conversation and snacking to create an entire experience.

No matter what type of home you live in, your kitchen can and should be designed to fit your lifestyle. This means that homeowners might need to take a step outside of their comfort zone and look at more untraditional options. For example, a u-shaped kitchen might not be super common, but it could be just what you’ve been looking for to create a unique and functional space that fits your personal taste and style. The following are just a few reasons why U-shaped kitchen designs should be considered.

The design of balance

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Interior designers have long relied on circular patterns to create a sense of balance in any given space. A u-shaped kitchen design is the epitome of balance as it takes what is usually found in “box” form and creates a sense of openness that allows whoever is working in the kitchen and those spending time in it to exist in seamless dimensions.

A u-shaped kitchen is unique in that it opens up the kitchen space to the rest of the home in an inviting way, yet it still remains defined as its own working area. This can work to instill a sense of cohesion in your home’s overall layout.

Additionally, if you live in a home with square footage on the slightly smaller side, a u-shaped kitchen can be the perfect solution for incorporating what you need into a corner-type space. U-shaped kitchen designs are built for efficiency, ease of access and interior balance. When it comes to designing in smaller spaces, a u-shaped kitchen is a solution worth looking at.

Giving your kitchen countertops a u-shape design touch

Sometimes it’s not necessary to design your entire kitchen as a u-shaped masterpiece, but simply stick with some of the primary features to create a similarly unique look. Your kitchen countertops are a fantastic place to start. Granite countertops can be custom designed to fit your kitchen’s dimensions, and therefore make the perfect surface option for a u-shaped kitchen island.

Especially if you’re someone who loves to host gatherings, a u-shaped kitchen island acts as a conversation starter in and of itself. Acting like a restaurant bar, a u-shaped kitchen island will allow your family and guests to easily circle around a center surface and allows for easy face-to-face conversation as well. If you love hosting dinner parties, a u-shaped kitchen island frames your culinary masterpieces with ease. Using granite countertops in this scenario would be ideal. Not only does a granite surface on a u-shaped island give the illusion of “wrap around” luxury, but granite’s durability will act as a tough barrier between your countertop and all of the guests you’ll be entertaining regularly!

Similarly, granite countertops are easy to clean and with proper maintenance, will last for years to come. They are also a great selling point when it comes to resale value down the road. Combined with a unique u-shaped kitchen design, it wouldn’t be surprising if your home wasn’t on the market for long. What’s more, u-shaped kitchen designs with u-shaped islands included create for more storage space than meets the eye. Cabinets and cupboards are still there, but easily tucked away on sides that aren’t visible to guests. This means that you can provide for the masses while keeping them wondering how it is you’re so stocked up every time they come by to enjoy your home!

Giving your kitchen cabinets the unique u-shaped design

When it comes to kitchen design, homeowners should feel free to have fun with their options! When you give your kitchen cabinets a u-shaped design, your kitchen opens up to some exciting display opportunities! U-shaped kitchen cabinets are not only easy to access and reach as they tend to wrap around your line of sight, but they make for excellent display cases. Choosing glass-front doors for unique corner cabinets provides a fun space for showing off some of those antiques you’ve been wanting to get out, or rather some of those bold accent pieces you didn’t want to leave on the countertop. U-shaped kitchen designs, whether done in their entirety or just using primary features is the perfect moment to mix in some bold décor moves with the efficiency of your kitchen setup.

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