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What Parts of a Kitchen Remodel are Worth the Splurge?

Pursuing an intelligent kitchen remodel will involve a careful balance of saving and splurging. To be sure, you will want to implement updates that will add value to your space but, this does not mean that every finish you install needs to be highly expensive. Designer paints, for example, are virtually indistinguishable from their more affordable counterparts. In addition, laminate and ceramic tiles are affordable ways of updating your kitchen floor.

With that being said, there are a number of kitchen updates that are worth the splurge. To follow are a number of updates that you will want to invest in, especially if you are hoping to increase the value of your home.

Install an Additional Sink

If you are a homeowner who values a functional kitchen, above all else, installing a second sink is an excellent investment. If you decide to do so, take pains to install this second sink in an area apart from your primary cooking area. A great location for your second sink would be on your kitchen island. By investing in this added, and in many ways unexpected feature, you open up an entirely new workspace. In this area, you lend multiple people the ability to both cook and prepare food at the same time.

Functional Drawers

Especially in older homes, people experience extreme frustration at not being able to fully open their drawers. This might seem like a minor roadblock, but not being able to fully extend a drawer becomes a real hassle over time. Full-extension drawers are a worthwhile investment in modern kitchens. Moreover, research suggests that this is an update that prospective homeowners both notice and value. An added aspect that you will want to invest in is what have been termed ‘soft-close’ drawers. These drawers are attached to a mechanism that has them slow down upon approaching closure. The result is no more slamming. Little details such as this prove highly appealing upon resale.


One of the elements worth splurging on are your kitchen countertops. Real estate professionals confirm that countertops are one of the first features that buyers examine upon a walk-through of the kitchen. With this in mind, you will want to install a countertop made of both a durable and valuable material.

Some of the most contemporary countertops are made of natural stone. The benefits of natural stone are plentiful. These materials, which include limestone, granite and even marble, come in an endless variety of designs. Because these excavated stones are all unique from one another, you have the opportunity to invest in a countertop that is all your own. Natural stone is also highly durable. This means that you need not worry about the effects that spilling, knocking or heat may have on your countertop because natural stone is made to last. Another interesting countertop materials include hammered copper. Copper countertops are a beautiful living material that transmutes over time as it comes into contact with water, food and heat.


Flooring is an integral part of any kitchen. A kitchen floor is something that you feel underfoot throughout the day. Also, it is something that contributes to the sense of cohesion and overarching design of a space. As such, you will want to invest in a kitchen floor that ties in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

Perhaps your kitchen is classic American, through and through. There are number of flooring options that match this aesthetic. You may want to invest in beautiful dark hardwood. Authentic hardwood is a material that a wide variety of buyers will appreciate. This material lends a sense of warmth and earthiness to your kitchen. Alternatively, your kitchen might be thoroughly modern. In this case, you may want to invest in either granite or ceramic. Both of these materials are highly durable and incredibly resistant to wear and tear. Investing in your kitchen floor will also involve investing in a contractor. It happens far too often that a homeowner botches their own kitchen floor installation. By investing in a contractor to help you with this project, you ensure that tiles will be cut and laid to their proper specifications. When it comes to concrete, a contractor will pour this material evenly and without flaws.

When planning your kitchen remodel, it can be difficult to know where to allocate your funds. Hopefully, this guide will help to alleviate this difficulty, and as you can see, there are certain updates that are worth the investment. For example, a second sink is a welcome investment for homeowners who want to maximize the functionality of their kitchen. Soft-close drawers are also a welcome feature for homeowners who want to reduce the noisy ruckus that so often crops up in the kitchen. You will also want to invest in quality countertops, and floors. With this information in tow, you can now set about planning your highly exciting kitchen remodel.