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The Real Cost of Bathroom Remodeling in Olney, MD

In your home, a bathroom is one space that sees a lot of traffic. From chilling in the tub with your favorite wine to ensuring there’s ample functionality, it is no surprise that remodeling a bathroom is a priority for many homeowners. Use this guide to learn more about the cost of bathroom remodeling in Olney and how to budget each segment without breaking the bank. 

On average, a bathroom remodel starts at $3,500, depending on the size, material, and fixtures you choose to upgrade. However, the bathroom remodel costs in Olney will only increase from here on. Similarly, different bathrooms have different features, and thus, the price varies accordingly. 

Cost of Bathroom Remodeling in Olney by Size

breakdown of bathroom remodel costs

Master Bathroom

The average cost of a master bathroom remodel is $20,000 – $40,000

A master is the largest bathroom in the house, so the layout, size, and features most likely will affect the total costs. This remodel may include:

  • Tub and shower installation. 
  • Cabinets and vanity. 
  • Premium countertop. 
  • His and her sinks. 
  • Latest Sanitary ware. 
  • Updated lights. 
  • Tile and shower panel. 
  • Heated floors. 
  • Accessories. 

Guest Bathroom

The average cost of a guest bathroom remodel is $10,000 – $33,000. A guest bath is generally for relatives and friends, thus you require different design ideas for a guest bathroom. It may include:

  • Upgraded shower. 
  • Updated vanity. 
  • New cabinets and hardware. 
  • Replacing fixtures. 
  • New floor tiles. 
  • A fresh coat of paint. 

Powder Room

The average cost of a powder room remodel is $3000 – $10,000. A powder room is the tiniest of the lot. It is for visitors with just the basic amenities like a toilet, sink, vanity, and a few shelves. 

  • Updated faucets, vanity hardware. 
  • Refinish the vanity. 
  • Advanced toilet. 
  • New Wallpaper/ paint. 

Breakdown of Remodeling Costs in Olney

Olney bathroom remodeling costs

Remodeling a bathroom is a complex task; with a proper plan and set budget, you can get your dream bathroom in a few days. However, let’s look at the factors that most likely will affect the cost of bathroom remodeling in Olney. 


The size and type of bathtub you choose will severely affect your costs. On average, a new bathtub ranges from $400 – $6,000.


While stock cabinets are the most budget-friendly, custom cabinets will cost a good chunk of your budget. Mainly, between $250 – $2,500.

Vanities and Sink

New vanity with stylish bathroom countertops will cost you $250 – $3,000. Refinishing your vanity is the preferable thing to do. 

With abundant options and styles available, the sink is no longer the most affordable bathroom updates. Different bathroom vanity sinks can range from $150 – $700. Similarly, natural stone slabs will cost $40 – $250/ square foot. On the contrary, ceramic or porcelain tiles are an affordable option to choose from. 

Toilet and Shower

If you have an old, rusty one, the wise thing to do here is to opt for a new, updated one. It is quite affordable and available in various styles that will help you upgrade your lifestyle effortlessly. 

Several homeowners are ditching the tub. Thus, a shower is the latest trending element. You can opt for unique designs and materials between $30 – $400. 

Labor Costs

Labor costs will take up almost 50% of your total budget. A general contractor, plumber, and electrician will charge you between $50 – $260/ hour. 

How Can You Tackle Emergencies? 

While a bathroom remodel will not take more than ten days, it’s best to have a strict timeline with a proper schedule. When you’re choosing a remodeling contractor, it is best to get every detail in writing. 

If you have a contract, you cannot afford to waste time. Follow up regularly and get tasks done on time. Keep open communication with your contractor and make sure they’re aware of your needs. 

However, make sure you have a working plan to handle the chaos, which comes with having one bathroom. You can plan one additional week of remodeling for unexpected mishaps and finishing touches.