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Creating the perfect backyard fire pit

Do you love the summer months? Do you live for long nights gathered together with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine and conversation and laughter that comes with hanging out and relaxing together? If so, then this might be the summer for you to consider installing a backyard fire pit!

A fire pit is a great place to gather with friends and roast marshmallows or chat long into the night as the flickering flames provide gentle ambiance and lighting.

Even if you live on a small city lot, you can find a fire pit to work in your backyard. From custom-built marvels to small, unassuming grilling areas that get the job done, the options listed below will help you create the perfect backyard fire pit area in no time flat.

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Space-Saving Wonders

If you are working with a small backyard, then you will want to consider a fire pit that works overtime, either by doing double duty as a grill or that has built-in seating. If you are worried about sparks and embers escaping into a heavily trees area, then opt for a fire pit that comes with a cover to eliminate the potential for traveling debris to cause problems.

HGTV experts say, “Most landscapers consider a three-foot-wide fire pit an intimate setting. That size is ideal for three to four people to cozy up to the blaze and easily converse around and over the fire. But you can find or make small fire pits in the 18- to 24-inch-wide range—or even smaller.”

In terms of installation and work needed to make the area all come together, they say, “The easiest way to install a small campfire-type pit is by purchasing a steel fire pit ring. Many have decorative cut outs in the steel to create festive flickering designs. Place this ring on a non-combustible surface, add some logs, and you’re ready to have a fire.”

A Built-In Beauty

If you are going for maximum wow factor, look no further than a gorgeous built-in fire pit, complete with seating and patio area. If you feel really ambitious, consider adding on an area for an outdoor kitchen.

When it comes to a built-in area, consider using natural materials whenever possible – especially stone. Not only will it weather well, but if a wayward flame or ember finds its way out of the designated fire area, no harm will be done.

And no luxurious outdoor area would be complete without a deck; consider indoor-outdoor furniture that will weather well but that is also very comfortable. Add in a few bright throw pillows, some outdoor games like lawn chess or horseshoes, and a mini bar, and you are set to go!

The Multitasking Master

If you want a fire pit that pulls double duty, look no further than the JAG Grill. This modern wonder offers seating for up to 8, all around a glorious fire pit/grill area with removable inset for maximum cooking space. It is the perfect choice for people that want the flexibility of a mobile fire pit, since it can easily be moved to a different location if desired.

Another great multitasking option is found at Home Depot – it is a table with an inset fire pit that will fit in small spaces or also in a large backyard. You can find similar options at most home renovation or outdoor stores; be sure to look for on that comes in a durable metal finish so that it wears well and withstands the heat as best possible.

 The Decorative Delight

Sometimes you want your fire pit to be beautiful as well as functional, which is why an ornamental or decorative fire pit might be a great option. Since they come in both small and large sizes, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your own individual outdoor space.

For unparalleled beauty, consider a copper fire pit in an intricate pattern. The larger gaps in the metal will allow for hot dog or marshmallow roasting, and the pattern of the fire pit will show beautifully at night when filled with dancing flames. Many of these pits do not come with a safety railing or an area between the flame area and the ends of the fire bowl, so be sure to exercise caution if installing this near children.

For something a little more affordable, consider a standard metal fire pit in a decorative shape from a home goods store. Make sure you select one with a sturdy base and ample spaces where you could easily cook the campfire foods of your choice. Be wary of non-metal options, as they may not wear well over time.