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3 Reasons you should consider adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen

One of the most used areas of the home is – without a doubt – the kitchen. At least 3 times a day foot traffic centers around where the food is prepared and served; people laughing and chatting and catching up on the events of the day. Toss in snacks and homework and phone calls – since these things often happen in or near the kitchen as well – and you have a recipe for a bustling room.

Unless you have a luxury commercial kitchen at your disposal, space is likely at a premium, making it tough to accommodate both guests, family members, and the home chef all at the same time. The result? The cook often gets left out of conversations and fellowship while he or she slaves away in the bowels of the kitchen. Added square footage in the kitchen area means increased communication and interaction.

While many homes have a traditional dining room or even a bar area that allows for additional seating, a breakfast nook is another wonderful option that increases your seating capacity while also adding value to your home. Your nook can be small and inconspicuous or large enough to seat 12 – the options are endless. Consider the following perks of adding a breakfast nook to your home kitchen:

Increased Counter Space

Depending on your kitchen’s layout, counter space may be in high demand, especially during meal prep and cleanup times. Adding another area for eating or sitting or even playing a game is a great way to free up existing counter space. It reduces clutter where much of the action happens – especially near sinks and ovens – and allows family to linger and be together without clogging up the actual galley area.

If you are preparing food for a holiday or big event or party, the nook table can double as serving or prep space as well, making it easy for multiple people to lend helping hands throughout the meal. Do you like to cook in bulk and freeze meals for later? The breakfast nook can serve as a cooling or prepping area. Do you like the idea of relaxing away from the action but still being close enough to chat with those near the oven? A nook provides this flexibility as well.

No matter how you size it up, a breakfast nook is the perfect remodeling option for your next home project if added counter space and work stations is something important to you and your family.

Increased Family Time

It is no secret that families that eat together multiple times per week have increased closeness and decreased stress. Gathering together for meals is a time with outside distractions, stresses, and commitments can go by the wayside, paving the way for laughter and closeness between family members. Even if your kids are grown, or if you are living the single life, a cozy eating area invites guests and friends in and beckons them to enjoy themselves in your home.

Adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen encourages people to gather together in a cozy space, and provides an opportunity for conversations to linger long after the food has been eaten. It is the perfect place to dish up a bowl of ice cream and play a game, or to serve up your famous cinnamon rolls and plan the weekend’s adventures.

Although the name suggests morning meals, a breakfast nook is great for any meal of the day. If you have school-aged kids, you can gather them around the table after school for snacks and to hear about their day. If you like to cozy up with a cup of coffee and a magazine or book in the mornings, you can prop your feet up and relax here as well.

Increased Home Value

In terms of resale value, much of what buyers are looking for centers around – you guessed it – the kitchen. If they can imagine themselves there, chances are high that they will remember your home more than others on their list. A breakfast nook, with all of its added counter space and charm, is a fantastic addition to any home and will only increase the value if the time comes to put your home on the market.

To get the most bang for your buck, make sure to keep it simple; the more personalized you make the space, the harder it is for potential buyers to see themselves there. So while chalkboard walls or vintage floral tapestries may be right up your alley, consider opting for popular materials like natural woods, stones, and simple fabrics. Not only do these products wear well, but they go with virtually any kitchen decor theme so that your new breakfast nook will fit right in.