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Remodeling Your Bathroom: Using Your Bathtub as a Focal Point

Remodeling your bathroom is a process that will require you to juggle a number of different elements, and concerns may arise that you will need to address before completing the remodel. Moreover, you will need to address these individual concerns in a way that creates a sense of beauty and cohesion in your space.

An excellent way of pursuing a cohesive bathroom remodel is by choosing a bathtub that beautifully represents both your aesthetic and your functional needs. The bathtub is an appliance in which you can rest and relax. Furthermore, it is an element of substantial enough stature to serve as the focal point of your space and it brings your entire bathroom design together. Read on to gain some inspiring insight into how you might use your bathroom as a stunning focal point in your newly remodeled bathroom.

1-A Tub Fit for a Luxury Lodge

Whether you live in Southern California or Colorado, a lodge-like retreat may very well speak to your design taste. Fortunately, you can create the atmosphere of a lodge in your bathroom by focusing your remodel around a deep and cozy bathtub.

Instead of selecting a free-standing tub, in this case, you will want to opt for one of a Jacuzzi style. A Jacuzzi style tub is one that can be embedded in a wall of surrounding tiles. If you are hoping to achieve the warm and inviting feel of a lodge-like bathroom, you can select earth-tone tiles with which to surround your soaker tub. To extend this aesthetic further still, you might consider installing a mini-fireplace right behind your tub, and if you have any extra money in the budget, an exposed stone wall behind your tub will bring the entire look together.

2-Country Chic Tub

If you are someone who appreciates all things antique and vintage, you will love a tub that reminds you of those found in 19th-century farmhouses. In almost all of these beautiful dated farmhouses, you would find ceramic claw-foot tubs. Contemporary adaptations of these tubs are much deeper and adorned with a wide variety of fixtures.

Use one of these porcelain, claw-foot tubs as the focal point of your space. Copper knobs and fixtures are a beautiful additive to this feature. To bring the entire look together, you may want to integrate larger than normal windows, inviting large doses of natural light into your space. In addition, treated wooden floors add a beautiful rustic touch to your country-inspired bathroom.

3-Copper Soaker Tub

A copper soaker tub is an ideal addition to a modern meets Mediterranean bathroom. Hammered copper is a rich yet subtly-colored metal. As such, it creates a sense of warmth and luxury in your bathroom.

Place a circular copper soaker tub in the corner of your bathroom. You can then build your bathroom design out from this focal point. A nice feature that comes with many of these deep copper tubs are the steps that lead up and into it. These steps imbue the bathing process with a greater sense of intention and ritual. Taking the modern yet Mediterranean design of your tub further still, you might incorporate a mosaic border in and around your tub. Because the copper of your tub is a neutral color, the ceramic tiles you choose might come in a number of different color combinations. Rounding out this Mediterranean feel, you will want to incorporate substantial mirrors and pops of color. In authentic Mediterranean bathrooms, turquoise, orange and pink accent walls are coveted staples.

4-Contemporary Tubs

Purchasing a contemporary tub will help tremendously in allowing you to both create and maintain a modern bathroom within your own home. Contemporary tubs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This is a great benefit, and it allows you much flexibility in creating your dream bathroom. Many contemporary tubs come in a variety of sharp, geometrical shapes. The clean lines of these tubs, whether in the shape of trapezoids, composite ovals and squares, or other shapes, contributes greatly to the minimalism that is so integral to a modern aesthetic. You will want to purchase one of these tubs in a bright white porcelain or faux stainless steel for an amazing look. The sleek design of these appliances will inspire a series of similar improvements in the rest of your space.

Pursuing a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming if you have no appliance to either root or focus the remodeling process. With this in mind, the bathtub is an excellent appliance to use as a focal point in your newly remodeled space. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of bathtubs to choose from. You may very well select a Jacuzzi-style tub in your lodge-inspired bathroom, or select a deep copper tub around which to structure your Mediterranean bathroom. The possibilities are truely endless.