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Designing a Modern Bathroom

Your home is a space that has every right to reflect your personal taste and style. Sometimes your décor inspiration is going to be traditional but every once and a while, you may want to give something ultra-modern a try. The bathroom is the perfect space for giving a modern look an experimental or even permanent run.

Even if the rest of your home leans towards vintage or rustic themes, giving the bathroom a modern upgrade can be a unique twist on your interior decor. The bathroom tends to be a stand-alone room in which décor is separated from other rooms in the home. This means your creative freedom can run wild and be changed up just as easily and as often as you’d like.

Going modern in your bathroom décor doesn’t mean everything has to be stainless steel. There’s a tendency to go a little kitsch on modern themes when you don’t take the time to look into what exactly a modern bathroom should look like. Here are a few tips to remember when giving your bathroom a modern design upgrade.

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Create a space with clean lines

Designing a modern bathroom with style means understanding designing with clean line structures. Built on efficiency and simplicity, a modern bathroom is going to be play host to décor that maintains a fresh and clean feeling above all else. Examples of using clean lines in a modern bathroom design could include square shelving that meets storage needs, but isn’t excessive and minimal decorative countertop items. Accent pieces in a modern bathroom may be simple bamboo plants on the countertop instead of a variety of soaps, dispensers and knick-knacks that take up a lot of useable space.

Use durable features

A modern bathroom design is going to focus heavily on efficiency. This means that the features you install in the bathroom need to be built to work and last. For this reason, granite countertops would be a primary focus when designing a modern bathroom. Easy to clean, moisture resistant and sleek, granite countertops bring the simplicity and durability of design that a modern bathroom requires. Additionally, granite countertops provide the perfect path to sticking to clean lines with a variety of edging options, including squared.

Stick to simple designs that create or promote open spaces

The goal of modern designs is to invoke a feeling of openness. This can be achieved in a modern bathroom design by incorporating images of open spaces, or physically changing space around to create a very open feel. Much like a galley kitchen, your bathroom can be designed with a central hallway if you keep storage and utilities on either side of the wall. Creating a wide-open pathway through your bathroom is going to give it a very modern and balanced feeling. Similarly, if space can’t be drastically changed, adding a few subtle images on the wall that provoke thoughts of open places can be an easy way to add a modern feel to your bathroom.

Efficient storage options

In a modern bathroom, efficiency stands hand-in-hand with functionality. While the bathroom is used for a variety of reasons, storage always tends to be at the top of the list. If it’s a modern feel you’re going for, make sure that your storage options are not only easy to use, but primarily out of sight. Clean lines can’t be achieved in your design scheme if boxes, totes and laundry baskets get in the way. Try adding shelving units that pull out of the wall to create storage that is easy to access but also easy to tuck away when it’s no longer needed. Replacing laundry baskets with tubs that can fit under a sink or cabinet keeps larger items out of the way and helps create a sense of open and simple space.

Green flooring and accessories

While the idea of modern design might initially invoke ideas of titanium accessories and neutral color schemes, green themes are just as modern as futuristic-type themes. When designing a modern bathroom, take the environment into account and watch your bathroom become not only a modern design marvel, but an eco-efficient space as well. Incorporating bamboo into your modern bathroom design is a great way to achieve this. Renewable, affordable and stunning, bamboo can be used as a flooring material that’s not only moisture-resistant, but extremely durable against daily wear and tear. Similarly, there are a number of curtains and shades on the market for bathroom windows that are made entirely out of bamboo. These accessories tend to block out cold in the winter and remain cool in the summer. Adding features to your bathroom that are modern in their approach to eco-friendly standards is a great way to take your modern bathroom design to the next level of excellence.