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How are Granite Countertops Installed?

Renovating your countertops is a simple idea in theory. You’ve decided you want a quality upgrade and have your heart set on granite. Praised for their durable surface, beautiful colors and unique ability to last for years, granite countertops always find their way to the top of the ‘must have’ list when it comes to home renovation. However, what may be surprising is how much goes into granite countertop installation. It’s not just a simple switch out from synthetic to stone—installing granite countertops really starts at the store, and ends with a home feature that will boost your home’s value significantly and look amazing doing it!

Choose your granite

Deciding you want granite countertops is one thing, deciding which kind of granite is another project entirely. The beauty of granite lies in the vast variety available on the market. Each slab of stone is unique, which means every countertop is unique! Picking the color, tone and pattern you love is step one towards installation. This usually happens at a granite specialty store where they’ll have a number of granite samples on display for you to choose from.

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Confirm your choice in the slab yard

Seeing granite on a small level is great, but in order to make sure you are truly happy with your choice, the professionals at your place of purchase will most likely take you back to look at the slab of granite up close. Seeing a full sized stone slab can really bring granite’s amazing qualities and colors into focus. Referred to as a slab yard, these large chunks of granite are what will eventually be installed in your home in the form of stunning countertops.

Granite slab preparation

If you’re certain of your choice, the slab that will be used in your home is taken to a special room by the professionals on hand and prepped for construction. There is a lot of personalizing to be done, and technicians get the stone ready to be worked into the product you desire.

Template technicians drop by for a visit

Because each slab of granite is unique, it’s important to get the dimensions for your countertops cut right the first time. The best and most efficient way to achieve this is to have a granite template technician come by for a visit. This professional is going to measure your countertop space and create a wooden template for cutting the granite slab with individual boards cut to size. This frame template will provide exact measurements for cutting the granite that include spaces for sinks, appliances and any other specifications you might indicate. Template technicians will also make sure they have notes on the edging and style particulars that you’ll be wanting to see in the final countertop product.

Letting the lasers get to work on your granite countertops

Cutting granite is not easy, nor is it a job for everyone. It’s a precision practice for highly trained professionals. In this step of the installation process, your granite countertops are cut using a laser guided saw that will closely follow the wooden template the technician created at your home earlier. This high-end technology and process ensures your granite countertops will be cut to perfection.

Stone workers are set to seal it up

Now that your granite countertops have been cut to your home’s exact dimensions, it’s time for some very talented stone workers to put their abilities into action. These professionals spend a significant amount of time putting the finishing touches on your new granite countertops. This work includes grinding edges to shape, stylizing details and polishing and sealing the surfaces before delivery.

Final step: professional delivery and installation

Well-installed granite countertops deliver the appearance of being sleek and light. Try lifting a granite countertop on your own and the opposite will prove itself to be true. After being cut to size, polished and sealed, granite countertops weight approximately 600 lbs on average at the time of delivery to your home. While some homeowners insist on taking a DIY approach to granite countertop installation, it’s highly recommended and often necessary for a team of professionals to handle this type of weight.

Together, professional installers will bring the countertops to your home and carefully maneuver them to their final destination. This is a particularly tricky step as heavy granite must be carefully placed on top of cabinets and securely installed to guarantee a perfect fit. Once the granite countertop is installed, backsplashes can be put into place and the final trimmings and edgings can be taken care of. Once the professionals have taken care of these tasks, it’s time to step back and admire your home’s new addition. At this point, feel free to ask installation technicians for advice on upkeep and maintenance if you have questions. Those who have taken so much care to make sure you granite countertops make it into your home beautifully will be more than happy to help you understand how to keep your surfaces amazing for years to come.

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