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Length of Bathroom Remodeling in Olney Explained by Experts

Remodeling a bathroom is a challenging and rewarding project. If you have been preparing to embark on this challenging journey, some queries will come up in your mind. One such important question will be about the length of bathroom remodeling in Olney

On average, the length of bathroom remodeling in Olney can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. While this timeline may differ based on the project, we have outlined a general timeline of the bathroom remodel steps to give you an idea about what to expect.



The first thing you need to look at is the existing space and what materials your wall is built from. This will indicate the length of the demolition stage of your bathroom in Olney. 

For instance, timber studs and sheeted walls are quicker to work with when compared to solid brick walls. Further, during the demolition stage, structural beams installation to support the change of walls or new windows occur. This is also the stage where you can demolish your bathroom if you want to change the bathroom layout.

Time: 2 – 3 days


Plumbing and Electricals Rough-In

Once you have the base structure, you can then get plumbers and electricians involved. They will begin their rough-in for the plumbing points in the walls and floor and the wiring electrical fixtures.

Time: 1 – 3 days


Preparing for Tiling

Depending on the tiles you have selected, larger sizes will need straighter walls than smaller ones. You also need to straighten and strengthen your walls before moving ahead. 

During this time, the installation of new windows, doors, and wall niches will take place. A cement slab, also known as a tiling bed, will be installed and you need to ensure that it is completely dry before the waterproofing.

Time: 2 – 3 days


Sheeting and Waterproofing

In this phase, you will sheet the walls and ceilings. After the installation of the sheets, the waterproofer comes in and waterproofs your bathroom as required. This will ensure a tight water seal for years to come, and you won’t have showers leaking. On a side note, waterproofing takes at least 24 hours to dry.

Time: 5 Days

Tiling and Finishing


bathroom tile remodel Olney

It is essential to get the bathroom tile right. The tiler will spend the morning setting out the tiles. This is an integral part as it impacts the overall length of bathroom remodeling in Olney. 

You also need to ensure that you cut the tiles and create balance throughout the room. Once the tiling is complete, you can proceed with the shower screen.

Time: 5 – 6 days

Now that the tiles are in place on the walls and floors, it’s time for you to grout them at the critical joints.

Time: 2 – 3 days


Trims and Paintings

If you have installed new doors or windows, you can now install timer architraves. Once they are in place, the painter will arrive to paint them along with the door and ceiling.

Time: 1 – 2 days


Plumbing Fixtures

The items that need plumbing have already been roughed in. Now, it is time to install and connect them together. These items include the toilet, shower, sink, faucets, and finishing the drainage underfloor.

Time: 1 – 2 days


Electrical Fixtures

As with the plumbing, the electrical fixtures have already been roughed in. Now, the electrician would be back to install the bathroom light fittings, fans, and switches.

Time: 1 – 2 days



Now you are nearing the end of your bathroom remodeling project. You can now put accessories like toilet paper holders, hand towel rail, robe hooks, etc., in place.

The installation of shower screen, vanity, and cabinets also take place on this day. Once everything is in position, your bathroom is ready for a final clean-up and ready to use.

Time: 3 to 4 days


Prepare for the Unexpected


length bathroom remodleing Olney


The length of bathroom remodeling in Olney above assumes the work is being done by a good contractor working with a competent subcontractor. All tradesmen show up on time, no one gets sick, and materials are available readily. Moreover, you, the homeowner, do not issue any change in orders. These factors can slow down the process of bathroom remodeling.

Most importantly, this is an idealized timetable, or in other words, dead days have been removed, and all workdays have been pushed together; thus, no gap remains. Finally, don’t be surprised if the reality is about double the idealized schedule.