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Not Your Ordinary Black and White Bathroom Ideas

If you are like most people, when you hear the words ‘black and white bathroom’ you immediately think checkerboard floor, white walls, and black accent pieces. However, not all black and white bathrooms are boring or ordinary. Here are 8 of the most uniquely gorgeous and elegant black and white bathroom ideas you could ever dream up.

#1 – Traditional Yet Elegant

One idea for a not-so-ordinary black and white bathroom does feature some traditional elements, such as subway tile around the bathtub and shower. However, you can accent this with black granite countertops, a black marble tile trim, and a black marble tile floor in a basket weave pattern. If you want to go the extra mile, you could install a custom-made leaded glass window that adds just that little bit extra black.

#2 – Classic White with Black Trim

If you are a fan of an all-white bathroom scheme, but want to update it, you have many options. For instance, consider painting your window trim black, adding a black baseboard, and a black vanity. Install white granite countertops and a tiny checkered black and white tile floor just to add a few intricate details, without being 1950’s diner.

#3 – Vintage Black and White

In order to create a vintage black and white bathroom, you begin with white tiled shower walls, and white tiles halfway up all the wall. Add a thin piece of black trim above the white tile, then paint all the remaining wall space white. Install a black antique console table for the sink, and place a black-framed mirror above. Here is one bathroom design where large black and white floor tiles work well.

#4 – Original Elements With Stylish Design

Install a traditional curved bathtub for soaking set on top of hexagonal black and white tiled floor. To add a bit more of your own personality, create a design within the tile flooring. On the bottom half of the walls, install white subway tile, using black subway tile as the top trim. Encase white windows with black trim, and install a white vanity with black granite countertop. Accent pieces, such as a toilet paper roll holder and towel bar should be black as well.

#5 – Patterned Wallpaper

There are many different designs of wallpaper that create elegant designs, even in black and white. For instance, a geometrical swirl pattern can create an amazing illusion of space each time you walk into the room, as your eyes keep moving about the space. Install open shelving to make the room seem even larger, and to keep the design going, install a white shower curtain with black trim. If you want to go the extra mile, install black and white floor tiles to create the same pattern as the wall paper, but on a bigger scale. White baseboard, a white vanity with white granite countertop completes this look.

#6 – White, Black & Blue

There is no rule that states that a black and white bathroom can only be black and white. Adding pops of color really enhances the look of the room and turns ordinary into extraordinary. Begin with a traditional all-white bathroom, installing subway tiles on the bottom half of the walls. Finish the tiling with a row of black subway tiles and paint the remaining walls and ceiling with a pastel aqua color. That little bit of blue really opens up the space, yet keeps it feeling warm and cozy.

#7 – Black, White & Gray

Another unique color combination is black, white, and dark gray. In this design, however, it is important that your bathroom is larger and has lots of natural light, as dark gray walls can make the space feel drab and dreary. Tile the floor with hexagonal tiles, and install white subway tiles bordered with black subway tiles around the shower. Paint the walls a dark gray with black baseboard. Installing a white vanity with a black granite countertop that has white and gray swirling and veining really completes this elegant black and white bathroom.

#8 – Black & White & Red All Over

Use white subway tiles over all the walls. Trim the windows in black, add black faucets, toilet paper roll holder, towel bar, shower rod, and a black vanity. It is recommended that you choose a white granite countertop for the vanity. Enhance this space with pops of bright red, such as a shower mat, towels, and shower curtain, as well as wall art.

There are many different design options, paint choices, tiles designs, and accent features that can really turn a black and white bathroom into a work of art. Changing up the tiles to something smaller, choosing a patterned wallpaper, or simply adding an additional color can really make a difference. Take the time to plan out your space, so you avoid creating a 1950s diner in your bathroom.