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The Benefits of Both Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Many homeowners want to make changes in their home, but they need to have reasons to justify the expense. Having the benefits of both kitchen and bath remodels can take you from on the fence to starting your projects. There are a few benefits that are true for both the kitchen and the bathroom as well as separate reasons you might want to remodel.

Kitchen Remodel Benefits

Your kitchen is a place where your family gathers to catch up with the day and prepare the meals for the day. The kitchen has been called the heart of the home as people usually hang out in the kitchen during a party or get together, so having an old outdated kitchen can really cramp your style.

  • Doing a remodel in the kitchen does not have to be done all at once. You can start off with the inexpensive things and stop if you are happy with it, or continue when finances allow. If you want to start off with new fixtures such as a new faucet, cabinet hardware as well as updated lighting. These changes alone will make a drastic change in how people see your kitchen.
  • You do not have to spend a lot of money on a remodel if you have functional structurally sound cabinets already installed. You can strip the cabinets and refinish them by either using wood stain or a coat of paint. Many people are making the switch from wood colored cabinets to white or even yellow cabinets. These types of changes can really wake up the kitchen and if you add only the necessary upgrades like granite countertops. Changing from old fashioned and worn countertop to a beautiful granite countertop can bring your kitchen into this decade.
  • If you have the budget and your hire a contractor you can make your kitchen bigger or open up a closed kitchen by knocking down a wall or two. With a bigger kitchen you have more room for storage and have a kitchen that works with you instead of against you.
  • Updating your appliances can not only modernize your kitchen, it can also help the way you cook. Having appliances that heat, clean and cool like they should could also save you money. You can almost always find benefits for adding new appliances as they are a part of your cooking and hygienic eating.

Bathroom Remodel Benefits

  • A huge benefit of remodeling your bathroom is savings. When you update your water fixtures, toilet and shower heads you can get energy saving items that will save you money. Everyone likes a lot of water pressure from their showerhead, fortunately now showerheads are made to use less water with no loss of water pressure. This change alone will more than pay for the amount of the fixtures within the first year.
  • Find water damage before it becomes a huge issue and damages more than the bathroom floors and walls. Any contractor who remodel bathrooms will tell you that they almost always find dry rot under the bathroom floors. If you repair this during your remodel before it becomes a huge problem you could save yourself thousands of dollars in damages that would result from an ongoing water issue.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Benefits

  • Both kitchen and bathroom remodels have one very large benefit and that is the increased value to your home. Your home will be worth much more if it has a new modern looking kitchen and bathroom. One of the first things potential homeowners do is look at what work they would have to do upon purchase. If they go into the kitchen and it looks like a 1980’s kitchen, they see dollar signs for repairing and remodeling. However if they see a modern kitchen not only are they happier, they know that while you lived in the home you had pride of ownership. This goes a long way with potential homeowners and could add an extra 0 to your sell price.
  • When you have a beautiful home the inhabitants are happier. Think about the times you have come home and someone thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and got every last speck of dirt and grime off the counters and your stove. Walking into a pretty clean kitchen makes you happy and can give you incentive to spend more time in there cooking. Maybe with a remodel you will be more likely to try culinary dishes you’ve never tried before. Having a spa like bathroom can also make you happy and it will have the added benefit of relaxing you when you are spending time in there.

With all the benefits listed here, you are probably wondering what took you so long to do the remodel in the first place! Spruce up your home and make it a place that you are proud to invite family and friends to dine in.