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Want Your Home to Shout Romance? Try These Ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches, your thoughts may turn to the ways you can make your home a little more “love-ly.”

You don’t have to go overboard to give each room in your home a touch of romance that’s appropriate for every season and not just February.

Of course, you can go as big as you want – surprising your significant other with a bathroom or kitchen remodel is a grand gesture that may earn you some major love-points.

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Here are some ideas – big and small – to bring a romantic vibe to your home.

The living room

Color is one way to bring a sense of romance.

Think pastels.

Soft pinks, lavenders, and neutrals are great choices for your living room.

Adding silvers and golds can fit the theme, just make sure to go for the brushed version as opposed to polished.

Other components of a romantic living room area are fabrics and patterns.

You want fabrics that feel soft and silky, such as chenille, silk, velvet, and cashmere.

When it comes to patterns, you can’t much more romantic than florals. It’s a good idea to use them sparingly, as a complement to the rest of the decor and not the dominant theme.

Lighting can make a big difference in a space, as well.

Stick with dimmer switches so you can control the brightness.

Of course, a soft glow is not only romantic, it’s flattering, too!

The kitchen

Getting in touch with your contractor on the sly and planning for a surprise kitchen remodel may be all the romance you need.

But, the design of your kitchen can have a romantic feel, too.

Creamy cabinets with ornate designs, subtle touches of pink, and curved fixtures will definitely give your room the feeling of amore.

The bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the easiest room to adorn with romantic charm.

Adding candlelight is a must for any bedroom in which you’re going for a feeling of romance.

Fluffy pillows and the silkiest, softest bedding will also amp up the atmosphere.

If you really want to create a love-retreat, consider a canopy bed. Once it’s draped with luxe linens, you won’t believe how much it adds to the space.

Like the living room, putting your bedroom lighting on a dimmer will make it easy to have the right amount of light when you need it, while still enhancing the romantic feel.

The bathroom

While it may be one of the last rooms that comes to mind when you’re thinking romance, your bathroom can absolutely be one of your favorite rooms in your home.

Whether you’ve talked with your contractor and you’re doing a full-scale renovation or you’re just looking to create a relaxing and romantic retreat, you’ll fall in love with your “powder” room.

Of course, color and lighting are just as important in the bathroom as they are in the other rooms.

Dimmer switches, all around!

If your plan is to renovate, it’s the perfect time to consider some luxury, such as a jacuzzi tub.

Make sure there’s room for two!

A bathroom fireplace is an uber-romantic trend that’s gaining popularity.

Imagine a soak in your tub with a crackling fire nearby? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Don’t forget important details like the softest, extra-large bath towels you can find.

You seriously may not want to leave.

Spread love in every room

You can create a romantic vibe throughout your whole home, just a few rooms, or one special area.

Taking color and textiles into account, as well as design and and lighting, will ensure you have the romantic retreat you’re envisioning.

If remodeling or renovating is part of your plan, get in touch with a contractor who will make you turn your ideas into reality.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts VKB Kitchen and Bath.