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You Can Have the Trendiest Kitchen on the Block with These 7 Tips

When you close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen, what do you see?

Whether your current space needs a total overhaul or you’d just like to try a new color-scheme, there’s no time like the present to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Ready to see what’s trending in kitchens these days?

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Take a look.

1. Color – and lots of it

The latest in kitchen design in terms of color is to be YOU.

Go for colors that match, colors that clash, bright, bold – whatever you want it to be.

Feel free to make your kitchen a reflection of your personality.

2. Islands that do double-duty

An island is a standard part of most people’s kitchens.

But the latest trend kicks it up a notch with not one, but two islands in the kitchen.

You can use your island(s) for many purposes, including additional storage, food prep, and a breakfast bar.

Adding a built-in appliance or small sink into your island makes sense if your space is small.

3. Statement shelving

Most people have some dishes that are meaningful, match your color scheme or are otherwise just perfect for displaying.

Of course, everyone has the tried-and-true favorites that don’t look that great but you couldn’t do without.

Having a mixture of open shelving and hidden storage is a great option.

You can display what you want and add some additional decorative touches, like potted succulents or even a framed picture or two.

Your functional pieces stay safely tucked away until you need them.

4. Handles, knobs, and drawer pulls make a comeback

2017 was the year of handleless cabinets and drawers for a linear look.

It’s 2018 and handles are back with a bang.

The modern way to adorn your cabinets and drawers is with ornate pulls, handles, and knobs in finishes like copper or rose gold.

If you want to get really fancy, you can jump on the trend of matching your appliances to your handles.

See ya later, black and stainless steel.

5. Double the ovens

Not only are many homeowners joining the two-kitchen-islands club, some are taking the same approach with ovens.

Everyone’s busy. Having two ovens can reduce prep time – especially if you’re a frequent entertainer or you have a large family.

Actually, the trend doesn’t end there. Multiple dishwashers are increasing in popularity, as well.

6. Hide the lights

Lighting is a key component of any good design.

The latest style is for lights to be concealed or disguised.

LED lights can be placed underneath cabinets and combined with the more classic three-pendant hanging light option.

Recessed lighting has also grown in popularity.

Creating these layers of light will add a dimension of class to any kitchen.

7. Shaker’s sticking around

If you’re waiting for Shaker style to go out, don’t hold your breath.

Traditional can be trendy – and a Shaker-style kitchen is the proof.

Unicolor matte finishes are all the rage right now.

Create your dream kitchen

Whether you decide to go for the latest kitchen trends or stick with a more classic look, the important thing is creating a space that you like to spend time in.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it’s important to make it reflect your personal style.

Get in touch with your trusted contractor to talk about the ways you can transform your kitchen.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts VKB Kitchen and Bath.