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Contemporary Bathroom Remodel 101

Remodeling your bathroom is an important decision for any homeowner. Similarly, you also have to decide the theme for your kitchen. Keeping this point in mind, you want to consider a contemporary bathroom remodel.

A contemporary bathroom remodel is defined by several characteristics. It’s modern, trendy, and makes for a healthy investment for your home. At the end of the day, your bathroom is more than a utility space. It adds immense value to your home and your life. This is why a contemporary bathroom remodel is your best bet. With its future-forward approach and modern design, your bathroom is sure to be your own mini-sanctuary.  

But what exactly is a contemporary bathroom? Let’s dive into some key features that you have to keep in mind during the remodeling process.


Key Features of a Contemporary Bathroom


1. Sleek & Minimalistic

One of the key features of a contemporary or modern bathroom is the aesthetic. Like various design themes, contemporary bathrooms can be easily distinguished by its core theme.

For contemporary bathrooms, this core design is defined by a sleek and minimal aesthetic. Whether through clean fixtures or a white-on-white color scheme, the contemporary design never fails to impress with its modern approach.


2. Let’s Talk Colors

The color of your bathroom plays a crucial role, even more than most people give it credit for. To begin with, it sets the tone for your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you have a supersized master or a small powder room; the color you choose determines how the bathroom is perceived.

For instance, contemporary bathrooms often sport neutral colors. The whites, pastels, and light colors. This particular color palette is perfect for bathrooms because most bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house.

Why this color scheme? Light colors tend to ‘expand’ any space. You can use this theme for many elements like tiles, vanities, and other prominent fixtures.

TIP: If you have a small bathroom, consider choosing light colors instead of dark colors. 


Contemporary Bathroom Ideas


3. Choose the Right Materials

Another distinguishing factor of a modern bathroom is the choice of materials. For instance, most contemporary bathrooms have materials that have only recently gained traction. You will find materials like ceramic, stone, glass, wood, slate, etc. 

The use of unconventional materials is a defining characteristic of modern bathrooms. Not just that, you’ll also find a combination of different materials. For instance, the combination of a stainless steel countertop with brass fixtures is a characteristically contemporary choice.


4. A Modern Take

Like the materials and colors, the fixtures in a contemporary bathroom tend to fall in line with the overall aesthetic. Perhaps this is why so much attention is given to various fixtures like vanities, bathtubs, and shower spaces. They tend to alleviate the overall contemporary theme with their individual contribution.

For instance, a bulky standard vanity is often replaced by a much sleeker floating vanity. Similarly, you’ll find more modern versions of fixtures in contemporary bathrooms. Free-standing tubs, rain-showers, etc. to name a few.


Bathroom Floating Vanity


5. In A New Light

Have you ever walked into a bathroom, and it just looks dull? It may have the best layout, design, materials, and even a light color scheme, but it may be missing a key ingredient. In most cases, the missing ingredient is the lighting.

For contemporary bathrooms, lighting plays a crucial role. While designing for a contemporary bathroom, you have to take two aspects into consideration — the source of light and the style. 

You can make use of natural lighting, but it’s not enough. You should ensure the bathroom has adequate light sources inside. Don’t stop at one central light source; you should install multiple lighting fixtures throughout the bathroom.

This brings us to different lighting fixtures. You should stay away from bulky light fixtures and opt for sleek and even discreet options. Mirror lights, floor lights, recessed lights are some options that you can explore.


Bathroom Lighting


6. Bring the Outdoors Inside

A new trend in the contemporary design realm is to incorporate nature in the design. An easy way to do this for your bathroom is to install a large window that makes nature seem like an extension of the bathroom space.

That being said, it’s not always practical to do so. In such cases, you have to look at alternatives. One simple idea could be adding plants in your bathroom. They liven up the bathroom space, but they also add a character to the room.


7. A Striking Accent

An important element of contemporary design is intent. If you execute certain ideas with intent, they blend well into the vast spectrum of contemporary style. 

One such idea is to use an accent wall. As mentioned earlier, light colors are the default choice for a contemporary bathroom. However, it might be too bland for many people. This is where an accent wall comes in. 

A splash of bright color (or fixture) is enough to break the monotony and give your bathroom space a new dimension.


Bathroom Accent Wall


8. Shape it Right

The contemporary design pays a lot of attention to delivering a sleek output. This is why you will notice all fixtures are distinct. They are geometric, sleek, and fit well into the aesthetic. 

For your contemporary bathroom remodel, opt for angular fixtures. Most modern bathtubs and sinks have flowing curves and sleek, angular design. 


In Conclusion

A contemporary bathroom remodel can do wonders for your home. The future-forward design and layout of this style are meant to last a lifetime. As a homeowner, you are investing in a design that provides value for years to come.